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What to Know How Your ITSM Compares to Others? – Use Benchmarks!

[Kingston Release]

The ServiceNow® Benchmarks application gives you instant visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends, as well as comparative insight relative to industry averages of your peers. You can contrast the performance of your organization with recognized industry standards, view a side-by-side comparison of performance with global benchmarks, and implement recommendations for improved performance.


The ServiceNow Benchmarks application securely collects daily data on your instance and then aggregates the data into monthly global benchmark reports.

Performance Analytics is used to collect daily data on the customer instance. The data from the previous month is uploaded at the beginning of the following month via a scheduled job. If there are any errors, there are multiple retries.

During the month the data is uploaded, the data is aggregated and monthly results (your instance results, global results, and your ranking) are downloaded to the customer instance mid-month. Monthly recommendation candidates are provided that you can implement to help improve your KPI performance. An email notification is sent when the global data is available.

All ServiceNow customers are allowed to participate in the Benchmarks program by opting-in from their ServiceNow production instance, except:

  • Express customers

  • Federal customers

  • Customers with premises instances

Note: You must have a production instance to opt into the Benchmarks program.

Key features

  • 23 available KPIs (20 ITSM, 3 ITOM).

  • Ability to change KPI definitions to match customizations.

  • Benchmarks dashboard in Service Portal (mobile friendly).

  • Ability to download KPI reports.

  • Filter data by industry, number of users, or geographical region.

  • Email notification when new aggregate monthly data is available.

  • Percentile ranking to indicate your standing within your participating peer group.

  • Recommendation candidates with guided setup to help improve KPI performance.

  • Product category-based roles to limit data access.

  • Integration with Performance Analytics for daily data collection and drill-down on KPI data.



  • Industry comparison: You can filter the benchmarks results by industry, ServiceNow user size, or geographical region to make the results more relevant to your organization, and then compare yourself to them.

  • Trends: You can see the results of all published KPIs as well as the previous six months of history. You can then use the trend data to measure and report on service delivery progress over a period of time to determine what is working well and what needs improvement.

  • Recommendations: Data is analyzed and recommendation candidates are provided to help improve the performance of your KPIs. All recommendations are dynamic and are updated monthly, based on data from the previous month.

  • Reports: Benchmarks reports get refreshed monthly, which can be downloaded in PDF format. An email notification is sent to the customer when new data is available.

So if you want to see how your ITSM compares to others, please do opt-in for Benchmark Applications. You may be surprised.