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Tips & Tricks: Service Owner Workspace monitoring (New York)

The Service Owner Workspace provides portfolio and service owners with an integrated and graphically intuitive user experience to manage and monitor portfolios and services.  Service Owner Workspace is available as a separate subscription and is part of the Service Portfolio Management Premium experience.

Service Owner Workspace features

Service Owner Workspace features include:

  • A view-only, multi-tab interface for monitoring and managing multiple portfolios and related services.

  • Dashboards offer immediate access to portfolio and service health and performance metrics, as well as who owns and manages the service.

Note: In most cases, data is collected up to the previous day. If there is a current outage or incident, then data does not appear in trend charts or displays.

  • Comprehensive layout of all information related to a portfolio and its component services.


Service owners can access the workspace to perform their most common tasks, including:

  • View and manage owned IT services, as well as view all IT services the business manages.

  • Expand service lists to expose child services and service offerings.

  • Select a service to access pertinent information, including service trends, related services and information, improvement initiatives, and associated service offerings.

  • View and monitor service performance score reports, customers’ scores, and total subscribers.

  • Monitor recent and upcoming changes.

  • Drill down into service offerings to view availability, SLA compliance, customer satisfaction, offering stability, performance scores, and more.


System administrators can configure the workspace according to the specific needs within the organization:

  • Disable particular metrics from displaying in the workspace.

  • Configure the metric weights that contribute to performance scores within the workspace.

  • Configure the metric thresholds for each metric that displays in the workspace.


Service Owner Workspace integrations

Service owners can align the Service Owner Workspace with the Vendor Manager Workspace and several other applications.


Vendor Manager Workspace

Activate the Vendor Manager Workspace plugin (com.snc.vlm.vmw) to align this workspace data with Service Owner Workspace.

Manage your vendors from the same workspace interface to effectively gain knowledge of all vendor-related information.

Monitor and view vendor performance reports from the workspace view.

Decide what vendor metrics to monitor and manage in workspace view.

Calculate and view vendor CSAT weight and vendor service offering performance weight.


Financial Management

Activate the Service Portfolio Management Estimated Spend plugin (com.snc.spm.spend) to view service offering spend, enabling you to select between your local cost model and the cost model provided by the Financial Management application.


Continual Improvement Management (CIM)

Display existing CIM records in Service Owner Workspace when a service relation is indicated on associated forms.

Service owners can initiate a CIM record when a performance issue with a service or offering is displayed.


Ref: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/newyork-it-service-management/page/product/service-portfolio-management2/concept/SPM2-monitoring-experience.html